Sea Scout Academy 2016 (Register Here)

Sea Scout GalvestonEducation on the water

Sea Scout Academy is a regional Sea Scout learning experience directly related to Sea Scouts advancement and the development of youth leadership. Youth may choose from one of seven tracks of study. Youth are taught advancement skills such as radio procedures, rules of the road and navigation. Regardless of the track a youth pursues, all participants spend time sailing and applying their skills.


Classes we offer

TRACKS (Youth): Six training tracks are available for Sea Scout youth ranging from recruit (1st year) to Quartermaster (5th year). Tracks are designed based upon a typical advancement path as outlined in the 2012 Sea Scout Manual. Venturing youth will be restricted to the Apprentice.

TRACK 5 SEAL (Adults & Youth): The Sea Scout Experience Advanced Leadership (SEAL) training program is designed to teach leadership skills while underway. SEAL is designed to “jump start” the junior leaders of new Ships and to fine tune leaders of experienced Ships. It is a hard core, physically and mentally demanding, and remarkably rewarding hands-on leadership experience.

SSABLT (Adults): Sea Scout Adult Basic Leader Training Course: (4 hours) Introduces adults to the Sea Scout program and the resources necessary to get a ship up and running successfully. SSALBT is a prerequisite for Sea Badge.



WHO MAY ATTEND: All registered BSA Sea Scouts and Venturers. This is a regional event so ships from outside Bay Area Council are welcome. Scouts must be at least 13 years old or older.

TIME: Check-in at 11 a.m. on January 16, 2016. Checkout by 11:59 a.m. on Januray 18, 2016

PLACE: Sea Scout Base Galveston, 7509 Broadway, Galveston, TX 77554

COST: (Includes two breakfasts, two dinners & one lunch)
TRACKS (Youth & Staff) $75
TRACK 5 SEAL (Youth & Adult) $40

ADULT LEADERSHIP: Each unit must have at least one adult leader for each 10 youth with a 2 adult minimum. Units with female members present must provide appropriate female adult leadership or make arrangements with another unit for supervision of the youth. All adults are expected to cooperate and participate when called upon by the academy staff. Adult participation includes instruction, dorm monitoring, service watch, or other duties assigned by the chairmen. 

Tour Plan
BSA Health Form (Parts A&B)
SSBG Liability Form
- Sea Scout work uniform. The chambray/dungarees (youth), or khakis (adults) or the new century uniforms are perferred. A Sea Scout Class B T-shirt/blue jeans are also acceptable.)
- Warm clothing, a good jacket, and foul weather gear if needed
- Boat shoes or shoes with light colored soles to minimize boat wear (NO OPEN TOED SHOES)
- Sleeping bag or blankets
- Modest sleepwear


CONTACT: Bay Area Council at 409-744-5206

REGISTER BY: 4 p.m. on January 4, 2016 (No exceptions)


Training choices

Youth should choose the track most appropriate to their time in Sea Scouts, their current rank, or their attendance at previous Sea Scout Academies. The advancement requirement numbering reflects the numbering found in the 2012 edition of the Sea Scout Manual.

 (Register Here)

Track 1

Price: $75

Class: STAFF & New Recruit/
(1st year Participants)

Limited to: No cap

Track 2

Price: $75

ClassSTAFF & Ordinary
(2nd year Participants)

Limited to: No cap


Track 3

Price: $75

ClassSTAFF & Ordinary (3rdyear Participants)

Limited to: No cap


Track 4

Price: $75

ClassSTAFF & Able
(4th year Participants)

Limited to: 24 youth

PLEASE NOTE: This track will berth on a boat.


Track 5

Price: $40

ClassSTAFF & SEAL Prep

Limited to: 12 youth, 6 adults

PLEASE NOTE: This track will prepare all meals, conduct all activities, and be berthed on boats at Lakewood Yacht Club.

Track 6

Price: $75

ClassSTAFF & Been There, Done That (5thyear + Participants)

Limited to: No cap


Price: $75

Class: Texas Boater Safety Course (Youth, Adults & STAFF)

Limited to: 65 adults
















TRACK ONE – New Recruit/Apprentice (1st year Participants)

This track will cover all the Apprentice requirements except swimming and service.  Youth will be challenged with an Amazing Race format as they move through the requirements.  They will have four hours of sailing, as well.

TRACK TWO – Ordinary (2nd year Participants)

  • Communication – Ordinary 5e and 5f will be covered with instruction on all types of radio calls and practice with visual signaling.
  • Ground Tackle – Ordinary 8a, 8b, and 8c objectives will be introduced and demonstrated.
  • Safety – All points of Safe Swim Defense and Safety Afloat will be covered to meet the requirements of Ordinary 5a.
  • Sailing – While on the water, youth will cover the material for meeting Ordinary 11b, 11c, and 11d.  Conducting man overboard drills will partially complete Ordinary 5d.  In addition, youth will learn to visually check the vessel for wear and tear before getting underway, will make sure all safety equipment is in good order, and will go through the engine checklist before leaving the slip.
  • Customs and Courtesies – Ordinary 1.c will be introduced and practiced both on land and a landship, and using the Boatswain’s Pipe to practice the calls for Ordinary 16.g should be both entertaining and exasperating.
  • Knots – Ordinary 6.b, 6.c and 6.d will be covered with a review of all Ordinary knots, learning to coil, Flemish, and flake line correctly, cutting and sealing synthetic line, and learning to do a jiffy whip on non-synthetic line.
  • Types of Boats/Parts of Boats – Ordinary 7a, 7b, and 7c objectives are covered in this session.
  • Piloting – The degree system of compass direction and its correlation to relative bearings, calculating deviation and variation, and devices found onboard that measure time, speed and distance will fill this session and cover the objectives found in Ordinary 10b and 10c.

TRACK THREE – Ordinary (3rd year Participants)

  • Safety – What is required by our vessel by law, the “Discharge of Oil” placard, what happens in man overboard, fire, abandon ship, collision, and ground drills, developing a station bill, and what goes into an abandon ship bag will introduce the requirements for Ordinary 5b, 5c, and Ordinary 12.
  • Galley – Menus, methods of safe cooking by charcoal, alcohol and propane, and appropriate sanitation for food preparation and cleanup will be covered to instruct the material required by Ordinary 5gi, 5gii, and 5giv.
  • Rowing – Participants will have an opportunity to handle, maneuver and practice the requirements of Ordinary 7d.
  • Knots – Participants will create a 3-strand Turk’s Head and a 3-strand Monkey’s Fist, and will use one of these to construct a heaving line. (Ordinary 16d)
  • Sailing –Before getting underway, skipper and participants will construct a Duty Watch chart, and develop a station bill for the vessel they are on.  While underway, watches will be posted and all drills will be practiced: man overboard, fire, abandon ship, and collision. (Ordinary 5c, 5d)
  • Customs and Courtesies – Close order drill will be introduced and practiced. (Ordinary 16a)
  • Navigation Rules – Ordinary 9a-f is the sole focus of this session.
  • Piloting and Navigation – Locating items on a chart based upon latitude and longitude, and accurately giving locations will be practiced, and measuring distance of a given line will be practiced.  If time allows, a dead reckoning table of compass and distances will be constructed. (Ordinary 10a, 10f)

TRACK FOUR – Able (4th year Participants)

  • Safety – Participants will receive instruction on fire prevention and will be introduced to the classes of fires and the substances necessary to extinguish them.  (Able 5b, c, d).
  • Blocks and Tackle – Participants will learn the parts of a block and how blocks are sized.  They will reeve different types of tackle. (Able 6.c.)
  • Boat Handling and Anchoring - Quartermaster requirements 7a, 7b, and 8. 
  • Weather - Quartermaster requirements 11a and 11b. 
  • Engines - Quartermaster requirement 13b
  • Splicing, Whipping, Grommets – Instruction and practice will be given for meeting the requirements of Able 6a.
  • Sail Repair – Youth will learn and practice all necessary sail repair stitches. (Able 6b).

TRACK FIVE – SEAL Prep (Youth & Adults)

  • Piloting – All Ordinary (10a-f) and Able (10a-f) Piloting and Navigation requirements will be covered and practiced.
  • SEAL Navigation – A typical SEAL day will be described along with the expectations for Boatswain, Navigator, Crew, and drills.  The SEAL Navigation practice test will be administered.
  • Sailing – The youth will follow the course they established in the morning class, take fixes, maintain a deck log, etc.
  • Boatswain’s Pipe – Youth will learn and practice calls they will use during SEAL (Ordinary 16g).
  • Sail Repair – Youth will learn and practice all necessary sail repair stitches while constructing their own ditty bag (Able 6b).

TRACK SIX – Been There, Done That (5th year Participants)

  • Projects and Assignments – SSBG has many service opportunities. Youth on this track will help organize and supervise youth from other tracks as they participate in service projects.
  • Crisis Afloat (classroom) – The material presented is required of all adult AVOs (Approved Vessel Operators).
  • Crisis Afloat (practical) – The youth will perform the on-the-water components of Crisis Afloat training (Quartermaster 5a, 5b, 11a).
  • Quartermaster 9 – The participants will teach the Ordinary Navigation Rules to Track Three participants.