About Us


The ship’s officers, known as the Quarterdeck, are the elected Sea Scout youth leaders.

They work with the Skipper and mates to give leadership to our ship.

Ship 1000's elected officers serve terms of one year, January through December.

They are supported by the Skipper and Mates to carry out the program of the ship.

Adult Leadership

The Adult Leadership consist of the Skipper and his Mates.


The ship committee is appointed by the chartered organization.

The committee is responsible for the selection of the Skipper, Mates, and general program support of the ship.

Ship History

Ship 1000 was founded in 1976. History from 1976 through 1998 is being researched.

In 1998, Scouter Jeanne Tunks was approached by its then-leader to take over as the ship’s Skipper. The ship was then chartered...

2014 Recap

A presentation over the Seascout 2014 year.

Photos (Shutterfly)

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